1. How I list my property to homeklik.com

We have a user friendly listing platform, you just need to be sure that you are the property owner and you have legal document that prove you the owner and there is no conflict on the property ownership. This to make sure the smoothness of property hand over ( serah terima property )

2. What about if I’m not the owner but I represent the owner

As long as you have the proper document that you are representing the owner to list the property to our website. Please be informed that only legal property owner dan buyer will do the transaction.

3. If I register my contact detail do potential buyer contact directly to my

homeklik.com provide you a negotiation platform so all the negotiation will through the platform no one will know your contact detail and you will not be bothered by phone call from buyer. Your contact detail only visible when both party agree on price and move to next process “kesepakatan harga Jual ata Sewa “

4. Can I write my own seller term

Yes, we will accommodate your requirement as we understand that each owner have their own requirement so you will be able to write down your requirement.

5. Who will make “kesepakatan harga jual atau sewa”

We will create an electronic agreement, both party need to provide detail information so we can generate legal agreement

6. Do I need to accompany potential buyer or seller from home viewing

Our account manager will do the home viewing and you may come during the home viewing

7. How many home viewing you will be conducted

homeklik.com have a virtual property tour technology so basically only serious buyer will do the viewing. Potential buyer can do property tour virtually dan choose which property is suitable for them. Then they just go with 1 ( one ) or 2 ( two ) property to finalized their decision.

8. How homeklik.com handle and sell my property

Your property will be manage by account manager, they will do marketing strategy to put your property advertisement on line and you also can do the marketing by promoting your property through your own network. We will provide e-flyer which can be easily share through social media.

9. What happened if I do not sell or let my property

If your property took longer in the market then your expected, our property expert will review your property and study the marketing process. We will give you recommendation how to boost your selling

10. Do I get more money if I sell my property through homeklik.com

No, you will not get more money but we will help you to get the best price that you want to achieve and we will help you regarding price in a transparent way

11. Can I list my property to property agent

Yes you may list your property to agent property, we will not prevent you to market your property using other channel. Our platform is design to make property selling and buying more convenience so it will save lot of your work to do the selling and buying

12. Why I should use homeklik.com services

homeklik.com is one of your channel to market your property by your self and we utilized the website with negotiation platform so you can accept or reject offer from potential buyer anytime and any where 24/7. We also have a feature pre-approval mortgage so buyer can apply KPR before their search. So it means if buyer use this you can be sure if you received offer from buyer it is a potential buyer and for sure the Bank will give the credit to the potential buyer.